Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Where and when the Yoga Teacher Training Course be held?

The Teacher Training will be on January 16-February 13, 2013.  The training program will be held at MAKATI CITY, PHILIPPINES (5/F Waltermart Center, Chino Roces Avenue corner Arnaiz Street, Makati City, Philippines).  We were very lucky to have Yogacharya Chetan Mahesh of the Association of Yoga and Meditation – India to facilitate the whole training course.

2.  What is the vision and objective of this Teacher Training Course?

The aim of this intensive 200-Hr Teacher Training Course is to train and certify 20 up to 30 serious yoga practitioners who want to deepen the practice of yoga and embrace the holistic and authentic approach to the age-old practice of yoga and will eventually share this to their own communities.  Thus, the design of the curriculum not only limited to the physical facet of the practice by intensifying the poses or “Asanas” but concentrates more on meditations, knowledge about its benefits to individual’s health and wellness as well as the philosophical aspects of yoga.

Our step to invite Yogacharya Chetan Mahesh and his team from Rishikesh, India to share to us here in the Philippines the authentic and more in-depth knowledge about yoga is in line to our grand vision to make yoga more accessible and affordable to average Filipino people.  We also made the price of the course relatively cheaper than the usual Yoga Teacher Training Course to be true to this vision.

3.  Will graduates be Certified Yoga Teachers after the training?

Yes.  And this training is the first of its kind in the Philippines, graduates will be awarded a certificate by the Association of Yoga & Meditation, India – an Indian national educational organization engaged in the popularization and promotion of yoga education in its original and traditional form – and will also be recognized by the Indian Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance USA upon successful completion of the course.

4.  What will be the Teacher Training Course Syllabus?

The course is intense level and integrated. Yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology yoga psychology all these subjects are integrated in each module for example when we teach module Yoga asana that time teacher has to explain asana practically and will explain Yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology yoga psychology and other related aspects. There will be minimum six modules for diploma and minimum duration to get diploma is 200 hours, each module having two papers one for theory and one for yoga practical of 100 marks each. To get diploma a student need at least 40% marks


Diploma in Yoga (200hr)

01 .  Yoga and Streams of Yoga
02.   Yogic warm up Exercise
03.   Yoga Asana (Ashtanga Vinyasa included)
04 .  Yogic Breathing (Pranayama)
05.   Yogic Relaxations and Meditation
06.  Teaching Methods of Yoga
07.  Ashtanga Yoga with Mysore Style
08.  Mudra and Bendha
09.  Shatkarma
*Bonus : The Business of Yoga

*Graduates will also have a mentorship program which will allow them to improve their teaching skills and confidence. Each one will be allotted 10-hours of yoga classes either as teacher assistant or main instructor in the yoga studios & its affiliates.

5.  What will be the training schedule?

It is Monday to Friday  from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm

6.  What will be the Training Rates and my Payment Options?

Fees & Options: (inclusive of vegetarian lunch, snacks, training materials)

$1,600 – paid in full by October 31

$1,800 – paid in full by November 30

$2,000 – easy installment plan ($500 deposit by October 31; bi-monthly payments of $300 every 15th and 30th until January 15)

Bank Details:

(In Philippine Pesos, conversion rate is fixed at PhP43.00 to $1.)

Bank Name: Chinabank

Branch: Don Antonio Branch

Account Name: Flow Yoga Studio

Account Type: Checking

Account Number: 239-000065-3

Bank Name: HSBC

Branch: Commonwealth Branch

Account Name: Pearl Anne Managuelod

Account Type: Dollar Savings

Account Number: 057-011793-130

7.  Who are eligible to apply for the Teacher Training Course?

 Anyone who has the following characteristics:

–>  a GENUINE desire to learn yoga

–>  an OPEN MIND in embracing the teachings of yoga

–>  a BIG HEART so you can share this blessing to others

–>  a DETERMINATION to push yourself

–>  a DEEP CURIOSITY in knowing who you really are

Of course, it helps to have several months of constant yoga asanas practice so that you may fully participate in the course. As we know, Hatha Yoga (Asanas) is just a small part of what yoga really is.

If you are ready for that big step into your journey of self-transformation, then we welcome you with a big smile and warm hug!

So fill-up and send us your application forms now.  After checking your accomplished forms, we will notify you our confirmation, then you may proceed with the the payment.


To confirm your seat at the Yoga Teacher Training Course, please deposit US$ 300 of PhP 15,000 of the total fee along with your accomplished application form.  The rest of the fee shall be payable depending on the payment option that you choose. 



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