About the Training

The practice of Yoga is believed to be as old as civilization.  According to many scholars, Yoga and Shamanism have a comparable characteristics specially in their work to improve human life by healing the community members.  We know yoga today to be focusing more on the self, but in fact, it started out to be a community-oriented way of life and healing.   One Flow Yoga’s vision to make yoga more accessible to common Filipino people is in essence going back to the authenticity of the yoga practice.

Accordingly, we recognized the need to organize a Yoga Teacher Training Course here in the Philippines that will relatively be more affordable but not sacrificing the authenticity of the practice.  Not all serious yoga practitioners have the means to pay expensive airfares to go to India or other parts of the world and pay their tuition fee for a Teacher Training Course. Thus, we invited the Association of Yoga and Meditation – India (AYM) through Yogi Chetan Mahesh, to conduct their training course and award their certification right here in Manila, Philippines. AYM is a very respected and well-known yoga training school based in Rishikesh also known as the ‘Yoga capital of the world‘.


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