Our Assistant Teacher


Jovan Nikolic has been living in India for over 7 years, practicing and studying Yoga. He is a certified Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT200 & RYT500) with US Yoga Alliance. Jovan is a passionate, inspiring and highly dedicated teacher, who embodies the essence of Ashtanga yoga, empowering students to release, let go and discover themselves. His classes are known for being energetic and motivating, insightful and challenging, integrating the importance of deep rhythmic breathing with flowing movement.

For the passed 2 years, Jovan has based himself in Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the World. Here, he has developed a deep understanding for both the physical and spiritual dimensions of yoga, which have now become an integral part of his life. Today, Jovan maintains a strong individual practice, drawing from his personal experiences on the mat. He applies the lessons that he has leant to his teachings, offering a unique insight to Ashtanga.

Jovan has been teaching yoga internationally for the passed 3 years. Under his supervision, students gain the strength, stamina and flexibility to move through the asanas. He has the ability to work with a wide range of individuals, from complete beginners to the advanced practitioners. Jovan teaches his students with sensitivity to their body and his adjustments are gentle and precise; safely teaching the depths of each asana. Jovan is particularly concerned with alignment and correct posture and guides his student to this end. His aim is that his students reach their full potential, both physically and spiritually, finding happiness, inner peace, love and compassion that they can bring into their everyday lives.



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