Heal For Life


We all reach that point in our lives when getting drunk and partying all night become too childish and meaningless.

It might have taken me some plus years to reach this age of maturity and of spirituality but I am finally here.

And to celebrate this age of my enlightenment, I am throwing a kick ass birthday party with some sort of social cause. (being enlightened doesn’t mean i lost my sense of fun!)

So join me, and my yoga studio, October 20 (Saturday) as we create a community of positive vibes/energy to reverberate to the universe so we can all contribute to its healing. But first, we need to learn to heal ourselves so we invited a very special lady who will lead us and teach us how to release all that is useless/harmful and teach us how to find that balance we all look for.

This is a fundraising event that will benefit our feeding programs and a charity (that we’re still working on) that helps kids with cancer/leukemia.

Just for that day, trade your night out/party allowance for a worthier cause and know that you have made a difference.


When: October 20, 2012

Where: Bali Hai Garden Restaurant
37 Visayas Avenue, Quezon City

Time: 2pm onwards


2pm – 5pm Chi Energy Dance by Joanne Tarah of VoxDei
6pm – 6:30pm dinner registration
6:30pm – 8:30pm dinner proper with special programs
– vinyasa flow dance with One Flow Yoga teachers
– live music with ancient drums and instruments
– fire dance and more!

Ticket Prices:
P1,200 – chi energy dance
P1,500 – sumptuous 7-dish vegetarian buffet with refillable drinks
P2,500 – for both chi energy dance and buffet dinner

We will be awarding the check at the end of the night to our chosen charity.

I look forward to celebrating a meaningful birthday with all of you!



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